5/14 we’re off!

day 1, 15 mi

we’re off! one foggy, rainy, beautiful day of paddling down.

we hoped to set out yesterday but the winds were not playing fair so we got one extra day to rest and build up calorie reserves. i’m a horribly impatient person, though, especially when a schedule is involved, so it was really a bit of slow torture.

the winds were light this morning, though, so we packed up early to catch the first slack. it was hard not to notice the fog sitting on the water as we drove into town but it wasn’t too thick. so just as we have before, we parked at the salmon club launch and loaded the boat and parked the car and paddled around the point and up to fort warden. except today when we got there, instead of turning around and heading back, we took a right turn away into a vast gray nothingness.

on a normal day we would have seen whidbey island 3ish miles across the sound but today we saw nothing but perfectly smooth gray water and perfectly flat gray clouds. so we paddled by our compass course and for awhile in the middle we couldn’t see anything but gray in every direction. but then the fog lifted a bit and our target appeared, right where we were heading. it was only about an hour across and no giant tankers, or anything else for that matter, passed. the rest of the day was pretty uneventful as we paddled north along the west shore of whidbey. it rained on and off, the fog came and went, we had some swells for awhile, and we paddled north.

most every part of me above the waist is tired and sore tonight – my hands, my arms, my shoulders, my back… but i managed to avoid any blisters so it’s nothing a good night’s rest shouldn’t take care of.

we’re off! a whole summer of paddling and camping seeing new things every day! i love it.


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